Anal Stains or Anal Discoloration: How do you know?
You can easily examine the color condition of the area surrounding your anus and genitals by using a mirror. Even if you know that you need to bleach your bum, you should still perform this examination before you begin the anal bleaching process so you can accurately record your progress toward lighter, younger, healthier-looking skin. You may also discover that other areas "down there" are suffering from discoloration. In that case, you may want to begin the bleaching process on those areas as well.

This self-examination only requires a hand mirror and shouldn't take you longer than 3 minutes. It could save you tons of embarrassment in the future!
1. Find a private, well-lit environment. Ideally, this space will provide you with enough natural sunlight from every angle. Try to avoid overhead light, which will create a dark shadow in exactly the area you are trying to see. Urban loft spaces work very well, and also keep you from being seen by passers-by. If you cannot gain access to this sort of environment, an office or desk lamp with an adjustable neck can be positioned to illuminate your anal area. Once you have arrived at the private space, place the mirror on the ground. The mirror you choose should be larger than a hand mirror, but not so large that you cannot take a step over it. A decorative hanging-wall mirror or a basic full-length dorm room mirror work best.
2. Remove your clothes. If you are not comfortable being fully naked, feel free to leave your shirt on. Either bare feet or sneakers should be worn so that you can best maintain your balance.
3. Stand over the mirror with your legs on either side of the mirror in a straddle position. Make sure that you have a clear view of the reflection of your pelvic region in the mirror.
4. Bend your knees and squat slightly over the mirror. Look down into the mirror and locate the reflection of your anus. This position should begin to reveal the inside of your gluteous maximus and expose your anal region.
5. Use your hands to spread your cheeks further open so that you can get a full view of your anal region in the mirror. Observe any discoloration, as well as the severity of this discoloration.
6. Track your progress as you go through the process of using anal bleach.