In the Hollywood area, anal bleaching is offered as a standard service by spas and salons, and it is rapidly catching on as a desired beauty treatment throughout the country. In fact, within the past five years anal bleaching techniques have been established as required curriculum in most beauty schools. While cosmetic anal bleaching quickly became a mainstream technique and has even been featured on several well-known reality television shows, domestic applications of anal bleaching cream have not received the same affirmation from the media. Why is this so?

Salons, spas, and television shows make money by advertising expensive, luxury products and services such as spa treatments, and their messages are spread far and wide. Large companies and expensive boutiques profit from ignorance and insecurity. You don’t have to go through the embarrassing process of hiring a stranger to have intimate contact with your most private and sensitive areas. With the right information and the right products, you can achieve a clean, youthful appearance while in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Anal Bleaching at a Spa = $75-$100 per application


Anal Bleaching at Home = $40 TOTAL for one jar of Premium Anal Bleach