Anal Bleach Comparison

There are two kinds of products that people use to lighten the skin around their anus: skin fade and anal bleach. 

Skin fade is a more general product designed to be used externally and to lighten skin patches that have become discolored. It is not designed to be used in this very delicate area in particular, but it used to be much less expensive than anal bleach, so people used it for many years. Nowadays, however, there are a lot of products that were created specifically to be used on your anus, at various different price points. The formulas differ, but in general, they have a special balance of ingredients that are delicate enough to be soothing to the touch, but abrasive enough to get rid of the toughest anal stains. In particular, the best anal bleaches are now hydroquinone-free, as hydroquinone has been shown to be harmful in delicate areas. Here is a comparison of a few such products:

Anal Bleach with Vitamin C

Volume: 6 oz.

Hydroquinone-Free: Yes

Price: $23.99

Biofade Cream

Volume: 1.7 oz

Hydroquinone Free: Yes

Price: $59.99

Lighten Up Intimate Lightener

Volume: 2 oz.

Hydroquinone Free: Yes

Price: $13.99